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Some 30K video surveillance cameras to be installed in Astana

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Around 30,000 more video surveillance cameras will be installed on the streets of Astana on the eve of "EXPO-2017" exhibition, chairman of the board of Astana Innovations JSC Talgat Ashim said at the "Smart Astana-2014" conference.

"Around 30,000 video surveillance cameras will be installed in the streets of Astana on the eve of "EXPO-2017" exhibition," he said. "Around 1,157 video surveillance cameras were integrated as part of our project. All cameras will operate in a single system."
Ashim said that the installation of the cameras started as part of the "Smart Astana" project, Kazinform refers to
"But this referred to the pilot zone," he said. "The full-scale measures of turning Astana into a "smart city" will begin in 2015. It is necessary to install 30,000 video surveillance cameras and to cover a housing and communal sphere, transport as part of security."
"These measures will reduce the number of offenses on the streets by 15-25 percent, raise the average speed on the roads of the capital during peak hours by more than 25 percent, reduce the number of accidents by 25 percent, and raise popularity of the city among investors by 50 percent," he said.

November 21 2014, 15:53

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