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‘Homeland of apples’ recognized as the best souvenir coin of 2014

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Coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Homeland of apples" and "International Space Station" have become the winners of the 8th International commemorative coins contest "Coin Constellation-2014" (COINS-2014) which was held on September 18 in Moscow, reported the press service of the National Bank.

"Homeland of apples" coin was recognized as the best souvenir coin in 2014 and gained the first place in "Souvenir coin" nomination. "International Space Station" coin got the third prize in the nomination "The original technology". 
260 commemorative coins from 31 countries issued from 1 January to 31 December 2013 were performed at the contest. 

It is the second resounding victory of "Homeland of apples" silver coin at such prestigious competitions. In May this year it gained the grand prize in the nomination "The most beautiful silver coin 2014" at the International Competition of commemorative coins held in the framework of the 28th Conference of Directors of mints, Mexico. 

The National Bank of Kazakhstan issues the commemorative silver coin "Homeland of apples" from series "Patrimony of the republic" in November 13, 2013. The coin is gold-plated, with denomination KZT 500. 

The obverse of the coin has the image of a fructifying apple-tree and a logo of the National Bank. There is also inscriptions "ҚАЗАҚСТАН РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫ" in the state language and "500 ТЕҢГЕ" and "REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN" in English inscriptions are separated with dots.

The reverse side of the coin has the same image of apple-tree with gilded mellow fruits and a trademark of the Kazakhstani mint. There is an inscription "АЛМА ОТАНЫ" in the state language, number "2013", an inscription "HOMELAND OF APPLES" in English and "Ag 925 31,1 g." indicating metal, countermark and mass of the coin.

The coin is made of silver. It weighs 31,1 grams, the diameter is 38,61mm, manufacturing quality is "proof".

November 21 2014, 15:35

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