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“Journalists Fret as Russian Media Swamp Kazakhstan”, "What is driving French nationals to join Islamic State?", "With Russia Building New Spaceport, Will It Need Kazakhstan’s Baikonur?", “Gennady Golovkin to meet with fans at Nazarbayev University”, “Ex

November 19 2014, 09:48 “Journalists Fret as Russian Media Swamp Kazakhstan” - Kazakhstan's journalistic community has long debated how to face the pervasive influence of Russian media in the Central Asian country. The topic has increased in urgency with the bitter international standoff between Russia and Ukraine, which is partly playing out on Russian television.

"With Russia Building New Spaceport, Will It Need Kazakhstan’s Baikonur?" - When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia suddenly found that its main rocket launch facility was situated in newly independent Kazakhstan. Since then, the two countries have periodically squabbled over the strategic Baikonur Cosmodrome. And now the Kremlin is pouring billions of dollars into a new site in the Far East that President Vladimir Putin says will allow Russia to remain an “independent” space power. "What is driving French nationals to join Islamic State?" Two Frenchmen that have been spotted in Islamic State's latest execution video are reported to be recent converts to Islam, sparking fresh debate in France about what's driving the appeal of Islamic State, and how to tackle it. “Gennady Golovkin to meet with fans at Nazarbayev University” - Renowned Kazakhstani boxer and undefeated WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin will meet with his fans at Nazarbayev University in Astana on November 22, Kazinform has learnt from GGG’s official VKontakte page. «The meet-up with Gennady Golovkin’s fans will take place at Nazarbayev University at 11:00 a.m. on November 22,» the page reads. “Ex-prosecutor wanted to charge Bill Cosby but lacked evidence” - A former prosecutor who declined to bring charges against Bill Cosby a decade ago said Wednesday that he wishes he could've nailed the comedian on an allegation that he drugged and molested a woman at his Pennsylvania home.

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