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Kazakh President opens new military community in Astana

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Today President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has opened in Astana a new military community of the National Guard of Kazakhstan, refers to

As the President said, the new garrison affords all accommodation and training facilities. "Your task now is to preserve peace in the country, fight against crime and against those who violate our rules. The same time you should also protect the Motherland, inviolability of its borders and its independence," the President said addressing those gathered. 

The President handed over the colours of the military unit to the National Guard brigade commander colonel Marat Kanagatov. 

Construction of the community worth KZT 8 bln 996 mln started in 2009. It stretches over 20 ha. 53 buildings and facilities with a total area of 64, 021 sq m were put into service so far.

November 14 2014, 17:14

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