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Hatton Feels Zhakiyanov Will Follow Star Path of Golovkin

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Zhanat ZhakiyanovZhanat ZhakiyanovThere were mixed emotions for Hatton Promotions' fighters in Chandler, Brisbane on Saturday as Zhanat Zhakiyanov and Cameron Hammond continued to their journeys towards world title opportunities while Damien Hooper suffered a shock setback. 

Kazakhstani terror Zhakiyanov remained on course for a possible clash with WBC bantamweight champion Shinsuke Yamanaka by laying out the experienced Filipino Roberto Lerio in the second round, reports.
Zhakiyanov was made to eat a few punches in the opener, but recovered well after being read the riot act by trainer Ricky Hatton, and soon finished things with a hellacious left hook to the jaw.
The 31-year-old is currently ranked as the number two contender in the world at 118lbs by the Mexico City-based sanctioning body and should get a shot at global glory in 2015.
"He (Zhakiyanov) took a big uppercut in the first round and he had me worried for a second, but he's got a good chin, he hits very hard and he's as tough as he looks," Hatton said.
Ricky Hatton training Kazakhstan's ZhakiyanovRicky Hatton training Kazakhstan's Zhakiyanov"You can see why he's world class. He's very heavy handed, has devastating punching power and he's getting better technically now.
"Zhanat didn't get to defend his WBC Eurasia Pacific title tonight because of a late change of opponent. If he had he might have moved up to the number one spot in world. If he doesn't get a shot next, we'll get him another fight to get that mandatory position and when his chance comes he'll be another world champion from Kazakhstani like Gennady Golovkin."

November 12 2014, 14:23

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