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"6 Strategies for Aging Gracefully", "Globalist Gorbachev Defends Putin; USSR Role in EU Revisited", "Government shuffle continues in Kazakhstan", “Rosetta's Philae landing: live blog”, “US and China agree on greenhouse emissions levels”

1 779 просмотрs "Government shuffle continues in Kazakhstan" - The Cabinet shuffle continues in Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has appointed his deputy. Berdybek Saparbayev has been named as the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan. Saparbayev has previously served as Governor of East Kazakhstan region, Akorda press service reports. Prime Minister Massimov has appointed a new governor of the region Daniyal Akhmetov, he was introduced to his office on November 11 during the meeting of the region's administration. "Globalist Gorbachev Defends Putin; USSR Role in EU Revisited" - The New American by Alex Newman Buried deep within an article by Agence France-Presse about former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev standing up for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is an absolutely astounding admission: Former top diplomats for the Soviet Union told the French news agency that “the reunification of Germany was allowed on the condition that … “Rosetta's Philae landing: live blog” - It's a happening of galactic proportions: The Rosetta probe's Philae craft will attempt to land on the duck-shaped comet called Chury. The fun gets underway Wednesday morning when the Philae lander detaches from Rosetta. “US and China agree on greenhouse emissions levels” - At the end of the APEC trade summit in China, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a climate change agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping that would cut both countries' greenhouse gas emissions by close to a third over the next two decades. "6 Strategies for Aging Gracefully" - Sooner or later, we all get old. There's nothing we can do about it, except maybe try to do it with some class, and not burden ourselves or our loved ones with all the consequences and complications. It doesn't matter if we're 55 or 75. We can still approach our senior years with some style and grace. Here are six ways to help pave the way.


November 12 2014, 10:14

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