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Bridge across the River Ural in Makhambet Village

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By Lyazzat Karazhanova

In Makhambet district center the construction of an automobile bridge across the Ural River connecting the villages Esbol, Ortakshil, Enbekshil, Akzhaik, Alga and Leskhoz with the ‘mainland’ is ongoing.

9,8 billion tenge have been allocated for the construction from the republican budget and the facility is expected to be put into operation in 2016.

Local people have been waiting for this bridge for a long time.

- We were delighted when we learned about the construction of the bridge, but why they have decided to build it too far from the nearest Esbol village is unclear, - say the village people.

660 meters long and 12,8 meters wide bridge is built 200 meters away from Makhambet regional centre and 2 km away from the nearest Esbol village.

According to deputy governor of Makhambet region Adilbek Zaidullin the reason for such location is the presence of ferry service.

- Firstly, there is an operating ferry line and secondly there is a forest area in the vicinity,- says the deputy governor.

The client is  the oblast administration of passenger transport and highways, and the chief contractor - AtyrauInzhStroy LLP. The construction of the bridge is carried by the Azerbaijan subcontractor - Energomost LLP, that already built bridges in Kyzylorda, Aktau and Almaty.

- Currently we are preparing the foundation of the bridge, - says Iradzhe Abdirov, the supervisor. – If winter is warm, we won't stop our work. We attracted 160 local people into the construction of the bridge. So, we have enough people and necessary equipment.

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November 10 2014, 12:25

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