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“FIVE must see places in Kazakhstan”, “Noam Chomsky calls US 'world's leading terrorist state”, “Devil in Detroit: Satanic group to build temple in Motor City”, “Drone that can save lives",

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“FIVE must see places in Kazakhstan”- Kazakhstan is very beautiful and diverse country which has a lot of tourist attractions. But due to its huge territory (Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world) it is almost impossible for ordinary tourist to see all places of interest in one trip. So if you have just limited time for a trip to Kazakhstan here are five places which are a must of the country and will make you to fall in love with Kazakhstan for the rest of your live. “Noam Chomsky calls US 'world's leading terrorist state” - The United States is the “world's leading terrorist state,” based on its deadly, CIA-run operations in the likes of Nicaragua and Cuba, according to new op-ed by historian and social philosopher Noam Chomsky. “Devil in Detroit: Satanic group to build temple in Motor City” - The Satanic Temple, a New-York-based religious group, is to build its first chapter house in Detroit, where it will perform services such as marriages, including same-sex, and funerals. It says the sacrificing of people or animals will not take place. Detroit was picked as a location for the flagship chapter house because of its “underdog” reputation and history of nurturing rebellious underground artistic communities, Satanic Temple founder Doug Mesner, aka "Lucien Greaves," told the Detroit Metro Times. 

“Drone that can save lives: Ambulance UAV hints at future of healthcare (VIDEO)” - The Netherlands has shown off an ambulance drone prototype which could potentially save lives by offering a rapid response after heart attack incidents. The yellow-painted drone can gain speeds up to 100 km per hour and is equipped with a defibrillator.


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