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The Hermitage Week kicks off in Almaty

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A charity project The Week of The Hermitage unveiled on Monday at the KIMEP University in Almaty with support of the Almaty akimat, the university's press service said. 

The event is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of The Hermitage celebrated within the Year of the CIS. It is a great opportunity to enjoy The Hermitage masterpieces not leaving the city of Almaty, inform. kz reports.

It will run until November 7.

Nowadays The Hermitage possesses a collection amounting to over three million objects of global art and culture heritage, including the ones from Central Asia and from Kazakhstan. It is comprised of painting, graphics, sculpture, applied arts, archeological artifacts and numismatic materials.

It will feature slide shows and albums depicting the best collections of The Hermitage.

November 4 2014, 12:13

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