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"World moving away from hegemony model", “ASEM: Kazakhstan at heart of EurAsia”, "Torrential rain turns Athens streets into rivers", “The Bidding For The 2022 Olympics Is A Disaster Because Everyone Figured Out That Hosting Is A Total Waste”

949 просмотрs ASEM: Kazakhstan at heart of EurAsia - Kazakhstan’s impetus has not passed unappreciated at the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) 2014, in Milan,Italy 16-17 October. Although largely focused on problems of the conflict resolution in Ukraine and thesecurity of energy supplies, the tenth meeting of the representatives of the countries from two continents had sufficent space to engage into an exchange of successful models of co-operation."World moving away from hegemony model" - The unipolar world as we know it is moving to its end, Wolfgang Schüssel, Austria’s Chancellor in 2000-2007, told RT at the Valdai forum. Russia is to play a major role in the new order, but at the moment the Ukraine crisis dominates the country’s image.

"Torrential rain turns Athens streets into rivers" - Torrential rain hit the Greek capital, Athens, on Friday, turning its streets into rivers. The deluge swept away cars and damaged homes and buildings. Power cuts were reported in several areas of the city. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is expected to hold an emergency meeting after returning from an EU Summit in Brussels. The Bidding For The 2022 Olympics Is A Disaster Because Everyone Figured Out That Hosting Is A Total Waste” - The 2004 Olympic baseball stadium in Athens is now a white elephant. Oslo has pulled out of the running for the 2022 Winter Olympics after the Norwegian government advised against hosting. “In Kazakhstan, Bride-Kidnapping Video Found to be Fake, Practice Illegal but not Completely Eradicated” - Following the release last week by the New York Post, among other media outlets, of a video claiming to show a bride-kidnapping in Kazakhstan’s Akmola region, the nation’s officials are assuring the world that the practice is illegal and widely condemned, and the Prosecutor General’s Office has declared the video a harmless pantomime.

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