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Vnukovo plane crash: Snowplow driver drunk in collision with Total CEO's aircraft

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It was determined in the course of the investigation into the Moscow plane crash that killed the CEO of French oil giant Total that the driver of the snowplow which likely caused the crash was drunk, reports.

“It has been determined that the driver of the snowplow was under the influence of alcohol,” head of Russia’s Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin told the reporters on Tuesday.

Markin added that “there is a possibility that a number of airport staff will be suspended from carrying out their duties pending criminal investigation.”

During the taxiing before take-off, at around 0:10 am Moscow time on Tuesday, the Falcon 50 business jet hit a snow-clearing machine.

The CEO of France’s oil and gas giant Total, Christophe de Margerie, was among four people killed in the crash.

“Some of the main theories being investigated at this time are a mistake by air traffic control and the actions of the snowplow driver. Bad weather conditions and the possibility of a mistake by the pilot will also be considered,” Markin said.

A criminal investigation has been launched into possible violation of safe-driving regulations involving an aircraft, resulting in the death of two or more persons.

October 21 2014, 11:29

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