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Oversized equipment for Tengiz will be hauled along the roads of Atyrau

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By Murat Sultangaliev

On Sunday, October 19, an oversized cargo for TCO’s plant at Tengiz will be hauled from the river port via several streets of Atyrau to its destination.

The width of the 300-ton cargo is 10,5 meters, i.e. it will take up all of the traffic area. The convoy will consist of two powerful tractors that will haul a platform. The speed limit will be 10-15 km/h. As we were told in the Atyrau branch of “Sarens” JSC, the company hired for  transporting services, the platform has multiple wheels, therefore, the load per axis will be within the norm for the city highways.

The route was coordinated with the Mayor’s office and municipal services on the basis of  suitable width of the streets, and will be as follows: the river port – Kunanbayev Street (in Balykshi) - Azattyk Avenue till  Ak Zhaik hotel – Abai Street - Kantsev Street - Syrym Datov Street - SMP-136 -  Elevatornaya Street - Birlik village - driving to Atyrau-Tengiz highway. The cargo will leave the river port at 7:00am in the morning. All traffic movement will be gradually closed on its route.  

October 16 2014, 14:07

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