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Azerbaijan offers to build tunnel under the Caspian Sea

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Aktau is hosting the V Eurasian Energy Forum under the auspices of the Business Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, refers to

Ex-minister of foreign economic development of Azerbaijan Gudrat Guliyev offered to lay a railway tunnel under the Caspian Sea. 
"The tunnel must be held in the narrowest part of the Caspian Sea. Its length will be about 300 kilometers," said Mr. Guliyev. 

Participants expressed other offers. Director of "Ecomarinservice" Andrei Chulakov proposed to create the Caspian Sea marina and aquaculture cultivation. In his opinion, this will seriously promote tourism and industrial fishery in the country. 

According to the chairman of the International Discussion Club "Eurasian choice", member of the Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation Roman Shkolin, the most advanced proposals will be proceeded.

September 26 2014, 15:12

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