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Kazakhstan harvests about 60% of grain

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Kazakhstan harvested about 60 percent of the crop, said the executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Arman Evniev Sept.23 at a briefing in the office of the Central Communications, refers to

"Conditions of harvesting are worse than before. Today about 60 percent has been harvested, and 67 percent in 2013. It is more than 9 million hectares," Evniev said.

He added that they have time and expressed hope that the weather will not let them down.

"In spite of the fuel crisis, which motorists talk about, thanks to the measures taken by the government, the entire volume of 400,000 metric tons of diesel fuel has been distributed, there are clear delivery and payment schedules, 81 percent of the fuel has already been paid and received. Some 53.500 metric tons have been additionally provided to elevators for grain drying due to its high humidity," Evniev said.

September 26 2014, 10:19

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