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Kazakhstan Invites US State Secretary for Visit

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US State Secretary John Kerry was invited to visit Kazakhstan.US State Secretary John Kerry was invited to visit Kazakhstan.Kazakh Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov has invited US State Secretary John Kerry to visit Kazakhstan, the country's Foreign Affairs Ministry announced Tuesday on its website.

Idrissov extended the invitation during a bilateral meeting in New York on Monday.

"Idrissov extended an official invitation to John Kerry to visit Kazakhstan at a convenient time, and to the American party in general to take part in the international specialized exhibition Expo 2017 in Astana," the ministry's announcement reads.

Kerry and Idrissov reviewed a wide range of issues surrounding relations between their countries over the course of the meeting on Monday. Among them, the political situation in Ukraine, Afghanistan and Central Asia as a whole, as well as Iran's nuclear program, according to the statement.

Idrissov reaffirmed his strong commitment to support the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, while Kerry highly praised Kazakhstan's contribution to the regional stability, according to the ministry.

Both sides also discussed the development of cooperation in implementing projects to revive the Silk Route.

September 23 2014, 15:49

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