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English speaking operator trained in 10 months

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By Tamara Sukhomlinova

“Kasipker” Holding" jointly with KazMunaiGas National Oil Company presented the program of the 10-month course “Receiving basic education in a trade”. The training will take place at APEC Petrotechnic interregional center for training and retraining of oil and gas industry workforce.  

The young people from vulnerable social groups of the society now have the opportunity to learn a trade in oil and gas industry free of charge.  

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Serik Abdenov, ex-Minister of Labour and Social Protection, currently the director of human resources management and compensation in KazMunaiGas participated at the presentation of the new training program. He congratulated the students and their parents on the occasion of the training start and  handed over to students their student ID cards.

10-month training course consists of two blocks. One block is an intensive course of English and the other is focused on special subjects and job training. The training will be conducted in English as per educational programs of foreign partners from Great Britain and the USA with involvement of high-class teachers.

In the first batch of students there are 160 students from different regions of Kazakhstan study. 110 of them are the graduates of rural schools, orphanages, needy families, professionally motivated graduates of schools, and the rest 50 students are from labor dynasties of oil industry workers.

The course is tasked to train the operators of oil and gas production, well servicing and drilling rig mechanics. Graduates will receive IADC certificates and they will be given a choice- whether to get a job as per received training or to continue their training.

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