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“How far is Putin prepared to go in Ukraine?”, “Obama sends troops to West Africa in a ‘war’ against Ebola outbreak”, “Scotland vote: For the Queen, it's personal”, “Breivik to Cut Contact with Father Unless He Joins Norwegian Fascists”

997 просмотрs “How far is Putin prepared to go in Ukraine?”- Russia could go even further in Ukraine with the "frozen conflict" strategy it has tried and tested in other countries, and may even end up annexing around half of Ukrainian territory, analysts say. Russia warns Ukraine over ‘historic deal’ with the EU- Russia has warned of serious consequences following Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s signing of a deal with European Parliament President Martin Schultz. The agreement known as the EU-Ukraine association agreement should deepen economic and political ties with the European Union.

Obama sends troops to West Africa in a ‘war’ against Ebola outbreak- US President Barack Obama has described the WestAfrica Ebola outbreak as spiraling out of control.

Following a meeting with top US public health officials the president announced several measures to help contain the epidemic including ordering 3,000 troops to the region and the building of new healthcare facilities. “Can Alibaba topple the Silicon Valley giants?”-Internet giant Alibaba will soon go public, and its IPO is expected to be one of the biggest the world has seen. Alibaba, which achieved more than $240 billion in gross merchandise volume last year -- more than that of Amazon and eBay combined -- has become one of the largest technology companies in the world.

“Scotland vote: For the Queen, it's personal” - Let's not pretend Queen Elizabeth doesn't have opinions. She's human and must have strong views on the potential break-up of the United Kingdom, which she represents. What matters is whether she expresses those views in public, which would compromise her constitutional role to remain impartial, and could undermine the position of the monarchy. The Queen has managed to "stay above politics" for more than 60 years -- and with Scotland voting on independence Thursday she's not about to upset things now. Breivik to Cut Contact with Father Unless He Joins Norwegian Fascists”- Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik says he will cut all contact with his father, Jens Breivik, if the latter does not switch from social-democratic to fascist views, the Verdens Gang (VG) Norwegian newspaper reports. “Why Xi Jinping's visit to India is significant” - After a successful visit to Japan earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday.

“Atlantic City: Decline in the US gambling centre” - Along stretches of the city's famed boardwalk, blank screens and funereal black has replaced the dancing neon and garish signage of some of its most famous gaming palaces.

“Economists can't tell Scots how to vote” - Here is the bad news if you haven't made up your mind whether to vote for Scotland to become independent - economic analysis cannot give you the answer. That is partly because this dismal science is not capable of giving wholly (and sometimes even partly) accurate forecasts about the future prosperity of nations.

“Sony predicts increased losses due to struggling mobile business” - Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has said it expects to record much bigger losses because of its struggling mobile business. For the full year to March 2015, Sony now expects a full year loss of 230bn yen ($2.15bn; £1.3bn) compared with a previous estimate of 50bn yen. The firm has cut forecasts for sales in its smartphone business as it faces competition from Apple and Samsung.

September 17 2014, 15:38

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