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“Chevron Provides Special Support for District Where It Builds Wind Park”, “U.S., KZ Experts Call for U.S. Presidential Visit”, “Mesut Özil to Bayern Munich?”, Alzheimer's damage""Brain may 'compensate' for Alzheimer's damage"

1 493 просмотрs “Chevron Provides Special Support for District Where It Builds Wind Park” - In support of plans to develop the Samal Wind Park, 150 kilometres northeast of Astana, Chevron in partnership with the Ayala Charity Foundation, has donated equipment to schools, healthcare and social institutions in the town of Ereimentau in the Akmola oblast. The donations are part of Chevron’s social investment philosophy of supporting people in the communities where the U.S.-based company is active.

“U.S., Kazakh Experts Call for More Institutionalised Relations, U.S. Presidential Visit”- Against the background of a changing geopolitical environment in Eurasia and the ongoing withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, U.S. and Kazakh experts have called for more structured relations between Washington and Astana and a visit by the U.S. president to Kazakhstan as key measures needed to further strengthen the dynamically developing and wide-ranging partnership. “Football transfer rumours: Mesut Özil to Bayern Munich?”-Despite their failure to sign Mats Hummels during the summer, Manchester United are expected to step up their efforts to sign Borussia Dortmund's World Cup-winning central defender in the new year. "Brain may 'compensate' for Alzheimer's damage" - The human brain may be able to compensate for some of the early changes seen in Alzheimer's disease, research in Nature Neuroscience shows. “Kazakhstan's figure skater grabs bronze in Japan” - Elizabeth Tursynbayeva of Kyzylorda won the bronze medal of the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Aichi, Japan, the regional physical culture and sports department said. The only Kazakh figure skater completed her performances there scoring 159.38 points. 




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