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Atyrau free of Ebola for now

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By Nurgul Khairullina

At a meeting of the Atyrau consumer rights department with reps of international companies was announced that no people have been diagnosed with Ebola disease in Atyrau oblast for the moment. 

In the past two weeks three citizens of Nigeria arrived in Atyrau. Two of them are spouses working with Fluor Kazakhstan and one a NCPOC employee. All of them were tested at a medical checkpoint in the Atyrau airport upon arrival and showed Ebola negative results, doctors say. 

The Ebola disease is still incurable with the mortality rate of 70% among those infected. 

As to other old known tropical diseases, a few Kazakhstan nationals caught Dengue Fever, four of them are tourists who returned from a vacation in Thailand and one is a student at a Malaysian university. Mosquitoes are main circulators of Dengue in South East Asia. 

"All of them received timely medical help and now there is no threat of illness for them. To those who are up to visit these countries we recommend wearing clothes that cover as much skin as possible and use mosquito repellent creams," medics say.

Chief specialist at the medical checkpoint in the Atyrau International Airport Ainagul Orynbassova says they check passengers from every arriving international flight.

"There are no direct flights to Atyrau from countries where Ebola was found. Passengers from Africa come here through European airports where the control is at a good degree," she said.  

August 25 2014, 11:53

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