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Kazakh kawaii Sabina Altynbekova wants no modeling, just sports

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Sabina Altynbekova. Photo from facebook community of Sabina AltynbekovaSabina Altynbekova. Photo from facebook community of Sabina AltynbekovaOne day a girl wakes up to find out that she is famous for no apparent reason. Well, almost no reason. Sabina Altybekova is only 17 and she plays volleyball. She is 183 cm tall and extremely coy. Did we forget to mention that she is a beauty?

“As for beauty, I do not really know. I keep telling everyone that I am just a simple Kazakh girl,” Sabina told TengrinewsTV.

The young kawaii athlete dreams of volleyball only. She hopes to help bring Kazakhstan's international standing in volleyball to a higher-level one day. As for the fans, while appreciating the sudden attention, Sabina focuses solely on sports.

“I am not into modeling. It is in my character, I am an athlete and a fighter in my heart. I cannot imagine myself anywhere besides volleyball,” the Kazakh beauty said.

Media considers Sabina too pretty for volleyball, predicting that her sudden popularity would hinder her training progress. But Sabina is more than eager to set aside her popularity and train rigorously.

Despite all the attention she receives, Sabina keeps close relations with her teammates.

Sabina Altynbekova gained popularity after the Asian Volleyball Championship in Taipei. Her Instagram account has almost 300 thousand followers.


August 20 2014, 11:17

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