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Country markets sell underpants with Kazakhstan state symbolic

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The Kyzylorda youth was the first to oppose placement of elements from a flag and the coat of arms of the country on underwear. Having considered it an insult of statehood and humiliation of patriotism activists entered the markets with posters so that supervisory authorities pay attention to similar violation, reports. 

Almaty prosecutor's office treated constrained to the message on symbolics placement on underwear. According to the staff of supervisory authorities, everything is authorized that isn't forbidden. As the press service of city prosecutor's office explains, in the law on "The state symbols of Kazakhstan" there is no concrete restriction concerning underwear, prosecutors consider that it is just an ethical question.

We will remind, earlier DIA officers in Petropavl led preventive discussion with the inhabitant who used national flag as curtains. And in spring of the current year the man who teared off flags from administrative buildings in Pavlodar region was detained. 

One more funny situation happened with the state symbol of the country in Stepnogorsk of Akmola region, there the football fan after a match washed a flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan and decided to dry it up on the balcony.


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August 8 2014, 14:00

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