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Russia's sanctions against EU import - a chance for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs, view

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Majilis deputy Irina AronovaMajilis deputy Irina AronovaExperts say that Kazakhstan's entrepreneurs have a good opportunity to sweep the Russian market, refers to

"Russia's ban on import of European foodstuffs is a great chance for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs to tune up own food supplies to the Russian market. Poultry factories of the East Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions produce high-quality poultry meat. We have a lot of dairy products to export," Majilis deputy Irina Aronova said. "Kazakhstan's perfect horsemeat can also take its niche at the Russian market," she added.

According to head of the industrial and innovation development department of the Pavlodar region Nikolai Dychko, Kazakhstan's export potential is huge. It has a lot to offer. For example, the Pavlodar region may export aluminum, coal electric energy, seamless pipes for oil and gas sector, polypropylene, multiple fittings and brass plates, etc. 

August 8 2014, 11:53

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