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“Stop wasting your life on smartphones, web - Pope Francis”, “Marijuana sting: Bees attack police destroying cannabis plot”, “They wanted to cut our throats’: Australia school bus comes under anti-Semitic attack”, “NGOs Say World Bank’s New Safeguards...

1 132 просмотрs “Marijuana sting: Bees attack police destroying cannabis plot” - Russian police met their match as they attempted to clear a cannabis plantation. They were sent fleeing from the scene by scores of angry bees. However, officers had the last laugh when they returned wearing protective gear to get rid of the weed.

“They wanted to cut our throats’: Australia school bus comes under anti-Semitic attack” - Six drunken youths shouting Nazi slogans stormed a school bus filled with Jewish children as young as five in Sydney on Wednesday. The boys threatened to cut the younger children's throats and murder everyone on board.

“Stop wasting your life on smartphones, web - Pope Francis” - Spending your time chatting online and dawdling with your smartphone is futile, Pope Francis has reminded, urging thousands of young Germans to spend life on more fruitful activities. Fukushima nuclear meltdown worse than initially reported – TEPCO- The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s third reactor building was even worse than initially believed, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has announced.

"Assange stakeout has cost nearly $12 million" - As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange marks his 777th day in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the Metropolitan Police has spent over $11.8 million on guarding the embassy. NGOs Say World Bank’s New Safeguards Fail to Protect Land Rights, Prevent Poverty- The World Bank board’s Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE) released a new safeguards framework for public review despite concerns from NGOs criticizing the draft for diluting existing safeguards and failing to include measures to protect land tenure and land rights.

Experts to Resume Work at Malaysian Plane Crash Site Once Situation Allows - Netherlands - The work of international experts on the crash site of the downed Malaysian Boeing 777 will resume once the situation in eastern Ukraine allows, Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans wrote on his Facebook page.



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