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Russian Troitskaya power plant fined by Kazakh environmentalists

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Russian Troitskaya GRES power plant has been fined for $35 thousand by Kazakhstani environmentalists, tengrinews reports.

The power plant is situated in Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia near the border with Kazakhstan. The smoke issuing from the plant has reached as far as Kostanai Oblast in Kazakhstan. This spring, residents of Kostanai Oblast villages located in close vicinity of the GRES complained about disturbing smell and ash-covered snow. An inspection proved that the Toitskaya GRES failed to ensure compliance with the emission requirements applied to the plants located in residential areas.

“Unfortunately, our neighbor, the Troitskaya GRES, has been committing the violations on a regular basis. But I have to acknowledged that they admitted their fault, and immediately started installing additional filters upon our demand and are paying the administrative and emission fines without delays,” the prosecutor of Karabalyk District in Kostanay Oblast Yermek Bakayev said.

The Troitskaya GRES is considered one of the major suppliers of electric power to the Southern Ural region. The power plant is a part of the Integrated Power Network of the Urals.


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