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KMG EP paid 2 billion tenge for environmental damage

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By Saule Tasboulatova

KMG EP paid nearly 2bn tenge for environmental damage.

To recall, at the beginning of the year based on the results of the audit performed by the regional prosecutor’s office, the instruction has been issued to KMG EP and Embamunaigas (subsidiary of KMG EP) to pay environmental fine in the amount of 37,2 million tenge for illegal gas flaring at Prorva oil and gas field in Zhyloi District.

However, KMG EP and Embamunaigas have appealed the results of the inspection conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Atyrau Oblast and instruction issued by Atyrau Oblast Environmental Department with respect to the claim for environmental damage of KZT 37.2 billion (201 million US dollars), said Elena Pak, the company’s public relations department deputy head.

Following the appeal, the Environmental Department of Atyrau Oblast issued a new instruction with the amount of environmental damage reduced to 1.9 billion tenge (10.4 million US dollars).

July 31 2014, 17:28

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