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Atyrau region police officers rescued newborn thrown into toilet

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By Murat Sultangaliev

A newborn child was found live in Sagiz district of Atyrau region in a toilet, reports.

According to Atyrau region DIA press service head Gulnazira Mukhtarova, on July 23, a neighbour found a newborn baby in her toilet located in the yard. "The operational-investigative group of the regional office of internal affairs and the chief of village police office together with a doctor arrived at the place and got the wrapped child out of the package," -said G. Mukhtarova.

Police officers established that shortly before on the same day a 33-year-old inhabitant of Sagiz village, living in the neighboring house, gave birth in a shed of the house and threw the newborn in a toilet of neighbors.

"At present mother with the child are placed in regional hospital. Child is a girl. Criminal case as per Articles 24 and 97, part 3 of Criminal Code of Kazakhstan ("Attempt to kill newborn") has been initiated,” G. Mukhtarova added.

July 25 2014, 09:58

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