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“Can Ireland face up to its shocking past?”, "What did Eduard Shevardnadze know?", “Independent Kurdistan - a bomb for the Middle East?”,

1 106 просмотрs “Can Ireland face up to its shocking past?” - Claims that babies were used for drug tests gives Irish leaders a chance to acknowledge a dark past. But will they? This week civil rights campaigners in Ireland have welcomed the latest report by the UN on the country, its past, and the unwillingness of today's politicians to address the failings of the Catholic Church. The UN committee chairman, Nigel Rodley, had this to say: He said abuse was so persistent, "it's hard to imagine any state party tolerating. And I guess I can't prevent myself from observing that [they] are not disconnected from the institutional belief system that has predominated in the state party." "What did Eduard Shevardnadze know?" - The former president of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, died on July 7th. He was 86. His diplomatic career started with Perestroika in the USSR. When Shevardnadze was Foreign Minister of the USSR, the Cold War ended, relations between Moscow and Washington normalized, the Kremlin agreed on uniting the Germanies, the Warsaw Pact Organization collapsed. In March 1992 Shevardnadze returned to Georgia and headed the State Council, which was founded after the dismissal of President Gamsakhurdia; and later he was elected president. The last three years of Shevardnadze’s presidency were very difficult for him and his country.

“Independent Kurdistan - a bomb for the Middle East?” -  Russia does not exclude the possibility of the emergence of an independent Kurdistan if Iraq breaks up, but generally supports the territorial integrity of Iraq, said deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov. According to Radzhab Safarov, the general director of the Center for Iranian Studies, independent Kurdistan is a Western project. "This project can explode the entire region; the US and Israel, and to a lesser degree, Turkey and European society are interested in it. An independent Kurdistan can catalyse processes in Iraq, Iran, Syria and to some extent in Turkey. Many states are interested in this chaos," the expert said.

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