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Boy drowned at the moment when young guy was rescued

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By Murat Sultangaliev

On July 15, a real tragedy happened on the city beach near “Atyrau” Sports and Recreation Center.

According to Samat Kumashev, the deputy chief of a regional water rescue service, at 18:15 hrs there was an emergency phone call that 9-y.o. boy drowned near the city beach. The divers rushed to the beach and a few minutes later they found the boy in the water. They did CPR and then the ambulance crew arrived and also tried to reanimate him, but it was too late.

The witnesses said that the boy came to the beach together with his parents. At the moment when the boy disappeared under the water, there was a fuss around another person - 25-y.o. man was pulled out from the river and beach rescuers tried to resuscitate him. In that turmoil nobody noticed that the boy was in danger of drowning and time was lost. As for the young man, after he came back to consciousness, he immediately left.

July 16 2014, 16:42

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