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In Ak Zhaik newspaper 2014 FIFA World Cup Predictions contest - 3 winners

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Azamat MazhitovAzamat MazhitovTo recall, our readers were requested to answer three questions in the form published in the newspaper: what two teams will play in the final, who will become world champion and what will be the score of the final match.

For those who is not aware: on July 13 in Rio de Janeiro at Maracanã stadium the FIFA World Cup final took place where national teams of Germany and Argentina played. The game ended with the score 1:0 in favor of Bundesteam.

So, altogether we received 309 filled forms of the competition. In 16 forms the final teams pair was correctly indicated, but not the winner, in 20 forms – the final teams and the winner was indicated correctly, but not the score. And there were 3 persons who made the exact prediction!

One of them was 14-y.o. Maksat Marabaev from Dossor village and two more people from Atyrau - Azamat Mazhitov and Nina Temirbaeva.

The terms of the competition were that if there is more than one correct prediction, then lots will be cast and the winner will collect the prize of 100 000 tenge. Therefore we invited all three winners to the office and asked to draw lots that were tossed in a baseball cap of your journalist. The fortune smiled upon Azamat Mazhitov (on a photo), the resident of Zhumysker-2 district.

Azamat works as the dispatch service operator at Bolashak plant in Karabatan. He is a football fan and likes to play in all tournaments organized by Agip KCO. He also plays big tennis.


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