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Atyrau was presented with governmental highway and brand new asphalt

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

1 billion 280 million tenge were allocated from the government reserve for resurfacing of the airport road and the square in front of it.

This was reported by the Deputy Mayor of Atyrau Zhumabai Karagaev during the press conference. The customer of the project is the city department of housing/communal services, passenger transport and highways and the general contractor - Atyrauinzhstroi LLP.  The width of the road along its whole 4,25 km length was increased from 9 to 16 meters, and now it is a full-fledged four-lane highway. More than 8800 running meters of road borders have been established.  The square in front of the airport (total area is 15 680 sq.m) has been reconstructed.  

From the local budget funds were allocated for installation of traffic lights at the crossing of Nursaya – Leskhoz roads. It is planned to install another 54 road signs.  At the crosswalk zone pulsing LED signs will be installed that are automatically lit when a pedestrian appears in a sensor zone. The system works from the solar battery. 

- During the resurfacing of the highway in order to prevent driving through a dividing strip, the double line marking has been installed.  On the center of this strip with a frequency of 6 meters “cat's eye” devices have been installed  for a safe driving during  night-time, - noted Zh. Karagaev.

For preparation to Kazakhstan-Russian economic forum the republican budget 2 billion 880 million tenge have been allocated for average repair of main central streets:  Azattyk (from Ak Zhaik hotel to the ring intersection with Auezov Street), Satpaev, Makhambet and Pushkin Streets. Altogether it is planned to replace a roadbed on total area of 300 thousand sq.m. Stone blocks will be replaced on the square in front of Atyrau cultural center (an extension to regional governor’s office building).

July 15 2014, 13:44

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