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Risk of industrial accidents increases in Caspian shelf

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MP Serik Ospanov appealed to Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov regarding the increased risk of industrial accidents at the Caspian Sea at the plenary session of the Majilis (lower house of parliament) on Wednesday.

"Risk of industrial accidents, oil spills in the sea waters increases in connection with increased volume of production and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials on land and beginning of exploration in the Caspian Sea," Ospanov said.

He said at present there is no organization providing services for prevention and extinguishing of fires, conducting search and rescue operations in the sea and in the facilities of coastal industrial infrastructure in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea.

"Representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan may not only deal with elimination of the problems, but also elementary go to sea to monitor and control these works due to the lack of special ships in case of any oil spill of any category," the MP said.

According to Ospanov, as a result any information obtained from the subsoil users, obliged to engage in elimination of the spill, can not be objectively verified and will be accepted as the only one.

"There is no certainty that the base for response to oil spills, which is at the disposal of the North Caspian Consortium, is sufficient to prevent major accidents, as no one has yet carried out an independent assessment of the readiness of the base to the extraordinary situations," Ospanov said.

The investment project of creation of a specialized organization is being improved after consideration by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Thus, President's instructions made in 2010 are still under consideration of the ministries and departments," he said.

November 10 2012, 02:16

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