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Fish market on water

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Fish market on water has opened on July 10 in Atyrau. Various fish products are offered on the market.

The fish street-stand moored to a pier on the river embankment near the regional governor’s office building. Processed fish products are on the counters, and live fish is in water tanks. Employees of “Amangeldy” production cooperative catch any fish you like, then weigh it and hand over to slaphappy buyers.

- The idea of revival of such fish markets belongs to Kazakhrybkhoz association, - says “Amangeldy” production cooperative chairman - Murat Amirgaliev. – They proposed this idea to the fish committee, the committee approved it, Also the regional governor provided support – they allocated the best places in town for our fish markets. Except this selling point we are soon going to open another fish markets in Avangard district and near “Atyrau” sanatorium.

Our prices are lower than the market prices, says Amirgaliev and promises to keep the prices stable during the whole season: live and cooled fish prices range from 80 to 600 tenge per kilogram, processed fish products - from 500 to 2 700 tenge.

It is planned to sell fresh fish for affordable prices up to the period of ice cover. The fish market will be open every day from 10.00am till 8.00pm.

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July 11 2014, 12:13

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