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Causer of fatal traffic accident released on bail

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By Murat Sultangaliev

The secretary of Atyrau city court # 2 Altyngul Maeva, who caused fatal traffic accident on July 2 at the intersection of Makhambet-Satybaldiev streets was released on bail. As a result of accident 46-y.o female pedestrian was killed and few cars damaged (see “Car accident with fatal outcome in Atyrau”).

To recall, after the road accident a criminal case has been initiated against A. Maeva as per Article 296, part 2 of RoK Criminal Code (“Violation of traffic rules by persons operating vehicles that negligently caused death of the person”) and she was put into temporary detention center.

The basis for her release was the resolution of the city prosecutor Nurlan Karasholak issued on July 5, which reads: “On the basis of Article 139-140 of the RoK Criminal Procedure Code a pre-trial restraint should be imposed against the defendant Altyngul Maeva in the form of pledge amounting to 202 thousand tenge.”  She was released fromtemporary detention center on the same day.

As regional court press service reported, currently Altyngul Maeva is on leave without pay. 

July 11 2014, 11:39

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