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Bizarre video of sobbing Japanese politician goes viral

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A video clip of a crying Japanese politician accused of dubious spending has gone viral on the internet, leaving many outraged and puzzled, reports.

The video shows Ryutaro Nonomura, 47, a Hyogo Prefectural assemblyman, bursting into tears, uttering nonsensical phrases and banging on the desk.

"I ran for office ... to change the world, and so I gave everything I had to appeal to the public", said Mr Nonomura between sobs.

Mr Nonomura's press conference in Kobe followed a Kobe Shimbun newspaper report this week that raised questions about his use of public money to visit the hot springs 106 times last year.

Such visits were not illegal and had been reported to the assembly office, but totalled three million yen (£175,000) and now people are calling for an explanation.

It seems as if its been a very bad day at the office for this Japanese politician as video of him sobbing and pounding his fists at a press conference goes viral.

July 3 2014, 16:24

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