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Car accident with fatal outcome in Atyrau (Video, Photos, + Update)

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Road accident with a fatal outcome took place at the intersection of Makhambet and Satybaldiev Streets on July 2 in Atyrau.

Arman Mendaliev, Internal Affairs Administrative Police HQ Chief, reported that the road accident happened at half past eight in the morning. Chevrolet Captiva driver drove through a red light on Makhambet Street and hit the standing Kia-Serato car. Her car then by inertia was thrown to the oncoming lane and hit 45-y.o. woman, who was crossing the road. The pedestrian woman died in the ambulance from injuries.

No medical assistance was required for Chevrolet Captiva driver (she works as a secretary in city court # 2).

Internal Affairs press service reported that the criminal case has been initiated against the offender as per Article 296, part 2 of RoK Criminal Code (“Violation of traffic rules by persons operating vehicles that negligently caused death of the person”). She was put into temporary detention center.

Boranbai Galiev, the press-secretary of the regional court, said that in relation to 23- y.o. city court # 2 secretary Altyngul Maeva, who caused road accident with fatality on July 2, an internal investigation is ongoing.

According to Kadyrbek Abishov, senior interrogating officer of Internal Affairs investigative agency, 46-y.o. victim Altynai Kairosheva, the mother of 4 children, came to Atyrau from Miyaly village (Kyzyl- Koga District). She lived with her family in a rented apartment on Satybaldieva Street and worked as  a storekeeper in “Lider” supermarket located at “Tamasha” shopping centre. She was going to work when the accident happened.

A. Maeva was driving the car on the basis of a letter of attorney and was tested zero for alcohol content. She was also driving to work. In the Internal Affairs Department they refused to say at what speed she was driving the vehicle at the moment of accident. 

Photo by Kanat Eleuov

July 3 2014, 12:30

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