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Astana Wants Kazakh Diplomats Returned From Germany

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Akhat AlpysbaevAkhat AlpysbaevKazakhstan is working on the extradition of two of its diplomats from Germany, where they are serving prison terms for smuggling, reports.

Kazakh Foreign Minister Erlan Idrisov wrote on Twitter during an online press conference on July 2 that negotiations with German authorities are under way to transfer the former general consul of Kazakhstan in Frankfurt-on-Main, Akhat Alpysbaev, and a former subordinate so that they can continue serving their prison terms in their homeland.

Alpysbaev and his associate, whose name was not mentioned, were arrested in September on suspicion of smuggling cigarettes to Germany using diplomatic mail services.

Investigators estimated the damage to the German treasury caused by the Kazakh diplomats' activities amounted to some1.7 million euros ($2.3 million).

In April, a court in Germany sentenced the two Kazakh diplomats to 34 months in jail each.

July 2 2014, 20:05

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