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“Wildfires in Turkey's Antalya destroy four hotels”, “Potentially habitable ‘super-Earth’ discovered just 16 light years away”, “Denmark supports EU deal with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova”, “White House announces an additional 200 troops to Iraq”

1 071 просмотрs “Wildfires in Turkey's Antalya destroy four hotels” - () Ankara, June 29 - Four hotels burned down in a bush fire that began on Saturday night at the gates of Antalya, a favourite tourist destination on Turkey's southern coast. It took firefighters 16 hours to extinguish the fire, after it had burnt 125 hectares of pine forest and 13 tourist facilities, including the four hotels. Chief Forest Ranger Ismail Uzmez reported that the firefighting operation involved 40 fire engines, two tanker aircraft and seven helicopters. “Potentially habitable ‘super-Earth’ discovered just 16 light years away” - Scientists have added a new planet to their Habitable Exoplanets Catalog, Gliese 832c, which orbits a nearby red dwarf star, receives the same average energy from its sun as Earth does potentially making it the most Earth-like planet yet. According to Discovery News, it orbits a red dwarf star a small, dim star that generates far less energy than our Sun. The star also has a cold, Jupiter-like planet orbiting it, which was discovered in 2009. “Denmark supports EU deal with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova” - As Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova form closer ties with the European Union, the former Soviet republics can now count on the support of the Danish foreign minister, Martin Lidegaard. “White House announces an additional 200 troops to Iraq” - Less than a week after announcing the deployment of additional US personnel to Iraq, the White House has said that up to 200 more troops are being sent to the country to bolster security at key facilities amid an organized push by ISIS militants. “Explainer: What Is The Islamic Caliphate?” - The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) has formally declared the establishment of a new "caliphate," or Islamic state, in territory it has seized in Iraq and Syria. “Babies cry at night to prevent siblings, scientist suggests” - When a baby cries at night, exhausted parents scramble to figure out why. He’s hungry. Wet. Cold. Lonely. But now, a Harvard scientist offers more sinister explanation: The baby who demands to be breastfed in the middle of the night is preventing his mom from getting pregnant again.















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