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“KazKom launches PayPass in Kazakhstan”, "Hotels of the future to offer a keyless room access", ‘Let’s wage war!’ Huge crowd rallies in Kiev", “Ukranian Tax Ministry: Some $250 million in state funds allocated to fraudulent companies in 2014”, “Facebook e

1 450 просмотрs “KazKom launches PayPass in Kazakhstan” - Kazkommertsbank has launched contactless payment system that uses mobile phones in Kazakhstan. The system is available only for MasterCard holders at present, but the bank plans to add Visa shortly. The idea behind NFC (‪Near field communication) is that soon all Kazakhstanis will be able to pay for groceries or at shops with their mobile phones. “Ukranian Tax Ministry: Some $250 million in state funds allocated to fraudulent companies in 2014” - Ukraine’s use of funds obtained under the carbon trading scheme has long been under the spotlight. Allegations of misuse of so-called Kyoto money dogged ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was imprisoned for more than two years after an abuse-of-office conviction derided as politically motivated. “Facebook emotion experiment sparks criticism” - Facebook is facing criticism after it emerged it had conducted a psychology experiment on nearly 700,000 users without their knowledge. The test saw Facebook "manipulate" news feeds to control which emotional expressions the users were exposed to. The research was done in collaboration with two US universities to gauge if "exposure to emotions led people to change their own posting behaviours".’s wage war!’ Huge crowd rallies in Kiev for end of ceasefire, martial law (VIDEO) - Over 1,000 protesters led by the Ukrainian army’s Donbass Battalion fighters gathered for a rally in central Kiev on Sunday. The demonstrators are demanding that President Petro Poroshenko end the ceasefire and impose martial law. “Cameraman for Russia's top broadcaster killed in E. Ukraine” - A cameraman for Russia's Channel One TV station died from injuries after being shot by Kiev troops in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, said the broadcaster’s press service. “Our colleague Anatoly Klyan died tonight...he was fatally wounded in the stomach. He was 68-years-old,” Channel One said on air. “Dozens stuck for 4 hours in SeaWorld San Diego ride after power failure” -  Four dozen people were stuck for hours on a ride at SeaWorld San Diego on Sunday after a power failure, the amusement park said. Forty six riders and two SeaWorld employees were stuck on the Skytower ride for four hours until engineers were able to restore power, the park said. "Hotels of the future to offer a keyless room access" - Via the smartphone app, all they will have to do is swipe their mobile phone across a NFC terminal which will automatically unlock the door. During this week’s Google I/O Conference, last-minute hotel reservation app HotelTonight unveiled a series of features that should improve people’s hotel experience in years to come.

June 30 2014, 11:26

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