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NCOC is replacing pipes in “confidential” manner

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Ak Zhaik newspaper sent an inquiry to NCOC with the following questions: “Have the tender process for pipes delivery been closed? What company won the bid? What are the materials and specifications of new pipes?”.

We received the following reply: “NCOC and its agent are currently working on a rehabilitation plan for the oil and gas pipelines running from the offshore facility (D-Island) to the Onshore Production Facility (Bolashak). The two lines (28” diameter) have a full length of about 90 km each and run in parallel. Both lines will need to be replaced and a detailed study is on-going to define the best option. As indicated in NCOC’s press released of the 9th of June 2014, the Consortium has already initiated the tender process for the purchase of pipeline joints and the main manufacturers in the industry have been invited to submit technical and commercial proposals.  Such tender process is undertaken in accordance with the NCSPSA’s procurement process, hence it has to be kept confidential, also in order to preserve the tender’s integrity.”

It should be noted, if earlier the Consortium spoke about “partial replacement”, then the current response clearly states that at Kashagan full replacement of all 180 kilometers of pipelines will take place.

June 27 2014, 12:00

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