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AkZhaik announces Predictions contest for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Considering a great interest of our readers to FIFA World Cup, Ak Zhaik newspaper announces a competition for the most accurate predictions.

There are three questions:

1 . What two teams will play in the final?

2 . What team will be the world champion?

3 . What will be the score of the final match?

You need to cut and fill the blank form from 26th June issue (copies of blank forms are not accepted). Please print your full name (or address). One part of the form will be stamped and returned to the contest participant. Please turn in the filled form before 17:00hrs of June 30 to any of AkZhaik advertisement reception stands (the addresses and hours of work please find on page 34 or on our website).

The prize is 100 000 tenge.

If there will be more than one correct prediction, then we will cast lots and the winner will collect the amount.

Best of luck!

June 25 2014, 17:26

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