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“Egypt sentences 3 Al-Jazeera reporters to 7 years”, “Top Malaysian court rules "Allah" only for Muslims”, “Nine Nations Have Nukes — Here's How Many Each Country Has”, "Sting Says He Wont Let His Kids Inherit His $300 Million Fortune”, “Russia Bans U.S.

June 23 2014, 15:48 “Egypt sentences 3 Al-Jazeera reporters to 7 years” - An Egyptian court on Monday convicted three journalists from Al-Jazeera English and sentenced them to seven years in prison each on terrorism-related charges, bringing widespread criticism that the verdict was a blow to freedom of expression. “Top Malaysian court rules "Allah" only for Muslims” -Malaysia's top court on Monday upheld a government ban forbidding non-Muslims from using "Allah" to refer to God, rejecting an appeal by the Roman Catholic Church that argued that the ban failed to consider the rights of minorities in the mostly Muslim nation. “Nine Nations Have Nukes — Here's How Many Each Country Has” - According to a new report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), nine nations — the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea — possess approximately 16,300 nuclear weapons. in total. "Sting Says He Wont Let His Kids Inherit His $300 Million Fortune”- Pop legend Sting, known for fronting the English rock band The Police and for his wildly successful solo career, told The Daily Mail, in an interview on Sunday, that his children won't be getting their hands any of his money when he dies. “Russia Bans U.S. From International Space Station: America Strikes Back” - For weeks now, there have been rumblings about Russia wanting to ban the United States from using the ISS while the two countries wrangled over Ukraine. While that would probably violate international law, it may be feasible from a practical perspective. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin argued that "the Russian segment [of the ISS] can exist independently from the American one. The U.S. one cannot."












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