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London artist transform herself into World Cup Trophy for amazing World Cup Selfie

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An artist has used face paint to turn herself into the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Emma Allen, who specialises in body art, says it is such an iconic symbol around the world she wanted to see if she could represent it in body paint.

"I have been trying to persuade friends to model for me for a while but I just kept offending people so I decided to buy a bald cap and have a go on myself".

The transformation took about two hours to complete.

The London based artist said: "it's been interesting to see all the different interpretations of the pictures".

The images have now gone viral and been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Among those to express their admiration is former Arsenal star Ian Wright who posted the picture to his Twitter feed.

Emma at the halfway stage of her transformationEmma at the halfway stage of her transformation











Emma Allen as she normally looksEmma Allen as she normally looks





June 19 2014, 16:48

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