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Brazil 2014 World Cup: Score updates and schedule of matches

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American defender John Brooks, bottom left, celebrates after scoring the winning goal against Ghana during a World Cup match Monday, June 16, in Natal, Brazil.American defender John Brooks, bottom left, celebrates after scoring the winning goal against Ghana during a World Cup match Monday, June 16, in Natal, Brazil.Monday's fixtures (kickoff times in GMT):

Ghana 1-2 USA (FT)

Clint Dempsey (1 min) John Brooks (86 mins)

Andre Ayew (82 mins)

Iran 0-0 Nigeria (FT)

Germany 4-0 Portugal (FT)

Thomas Muller (pen 12 mins, 45+1 mins, 78 mins)

Mats Hummels (32 mins)

RED CARD, Pepe (37 mins)

Schedule of matches (kickoff times in GMT)

Thursday June 12

Group A: Brazil 3-1 Croatia in Sao Paulo

Friday June 13

Group A: Mexico 1-0 Cameroon in Natal

Group B: Spain 1-5 Netherlands in Salvador

Group B: Chile 3-1 Australia in Cuiaba

Saturday June 14

Group C: Colombia 3-0 Greece in Belo Horizonte

Group D: Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica in Fortaleza

Group D: England 1-2 Italy in Manaus

Group C: Ivory Coast 2-1 Japan in Recife

Sunday June 15

Group E: Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador in Brasilia

Group E: France 3-0 Honduras in Porto Alegre

Group F: Argentina 2-1 Bosnia Herzegovina in Rio de Janeiro

Monday June 16

Group G: Germany 4-0 Portugal in Salvador

Group F: Iran v Nigeria (0-0)in Curitiba

Group G: Ghana v USA (1-2) in Natal

Tuesday June 17

Group H: Belgium v Algeria in Belo Horizonte (1600)

Group A: Brazil v Mexico in Fortaleza (1900)

Group H: Russia v South Korea in Cuiaba (2200)

Wednesday June 18

Group B: Australia v Netherlands in Porto Alegre (1600)

Group B: Spain v Chile in Rio (1900)

Group A: Cameroon v Croatia in Manaus (2200)

Thursday June 19

Group C: Colombia v Ivory Coast in Brasilia (1600)

Group D: Uruguay v England in Sao Paulo (1900)

Group C: Japan v Greece in Natal (2200)

Friday June 20

Group D: Italy v Costa Rica in Recife (1600)

Group E: Switzerland v France in Salvador (1900)

Group E: Honduras v Ecuador in Curitiba (2200)

Saturday June 21

Group F: Argentina v Iran in Belo Horizonte (1600)

Group G: Germany v Ghana in Fortaleza (1900)

Group F: Nigeria v Bosnia Herzegovina in Cuiaba (2200)

Sunday June 22

Group H: Belgium v Russia in Rio de Janeiro (1600)

Group H: South Korea v Algeria in Porto Alegre

Group G: USA v Portugal in Manaus (2200)

Monday June 23

Group B: Netherlands v Chile in Sao Paulo (1600)

Group B: Australia v Spain in Curitiba (1600)

Group A: Brazil v Cameroon in Brasilia (2000)

Group A: Croatia v Mexico in Recife (2000)

Tuesday June 24

Group D: Italy v Uruguay in Natal (1600)

Group D: Costa Rica v England in Belo Horizonte (1600)

Group C: Japan v Colombia in Cuiaba (2000)

Group C: Greece v Ivory Coast in Fortaleza (2000)

Wednesday June 25

Group F: Nigeria v Argentina in Porto Alegre (1600)

Group F: Bosnia Herzegovina v Iran in Salvador (1600)

Group E: Honduras v Switzerland in Manaus (2000)

Group E: Ecuador v France in Rio de Janeiro (2000)

Thursday June 26

Group G: Portugal v Ghana in Brasilia (1600)

Group G: USA v Germany in Recife (1600)

Group H: South Korea v Belgium in Sao Paulo (2000)

Group H: Algeria v Russia in Curitiba (2000)

Last-16 knockout matches:

Saturday June 28

Match 49: Winner Group A v Runner-Up Group B in Belo Horizonte (1600)

Match 50: Winner Group C v Runner-Up Group D in Rio de Janiero (2000)

Sunday June 29

Match 51: Winner Group B v Runner-Up Group A in Fortaleza (1600)

Match 52: Winner Group D v Runner-Up Group C in Recife (200)

Monday June 30:

Match 53: Winner Group E v Runner-Up Group F in Brasilia (1600)

Match 54: Winner Group G v Runner-Up Group H in Porto Alegre (200)

Tuesday July 1

Match 55: Winner Group F v Runner-Up Group E in Sao Paulo (1600)

Match 56: Winner Group H v Runner-~Up Group G in Salvador (2000)


Friday July 4

Match 57: Winner Match 54 v Winner Match 53 in Rio de Janeiro (1600)

Match 58: Winner Match 49 Winner Match 50 in Fortaleza (2000)

Saturday July 5

Match 59: Winner Match 55 v Winner Match 56 in Brasilia (1600)

Match 60: Winner Match 51 v Winner Match 52 in Salvador (2000)


Tuesday July 8

Match 61: Winner Match 57 v Winner Match 58 in Belo Horizonte (2000)

Wednesday July 9

Match 62: Winner Match 59 v Winner Match 60 in Sao Paulo (2000)

Third and fourth place playoff

Saturday July 12

Loser Match 61 v Loser Match 62 in Brasilia (2000)


Sunday July 13

Winner Match 61 v Winner Match 62 in Rio de Janeiro (1900)

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