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ESD: “On June 15 the water table increased by 103 centimeters”

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According to Kazhydromet Centre of Atyrau Oblast, despite the forecast at a wind-speed of 6 m/s, with gusts up to 12 m/s. the level of the Caspian Sea near Peshnoy (near the estuary of the Ural River) hasn’t reached  the critical level.

In this area the critical level is considered the increase for 120 cm, or up to the  level – 26,80 m lower than the ocean. The dangerous level is 140 cm and extremely dangerous – 160cm above the norm. During the quiet weather the level of the Northern Caspian Sea is approximately – 28 m.

On June 15,  in the afternoon the water level of the Caspian Sea increased to – 26,97 – 26,96 m, i.e. exceeded the norm by 103 – 104 cm. It was also expected that the surge due to  wind-will make 128 cm.

At 15:00 hrs Kazhydromet Centre announced  that thunder-storms and dust storms are expected in Atyrau Oblast  on June 16. The wind velocity will increase to 15-20 m/s.

Emergency Situations Department reported that in Atyrausky, Erkinkalinsky, Dambinsky and Kenuzeksky rural districts the repair works on dams are ongoing. The population of these districts are  regularly informed about the situation over the  local TV channel “Kazakhstan Atyrau”.

June 16 2014, 01:57

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