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Emergency Situations Department (ESD): “Flooding alert. Be prepared for evacuation!”

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Emergency situations department of Atyrau Oblast circulated the express notice where it warns that, according to data provided by the Hydrometeorological center, on June 15-16, 2014 a sharp increase of the level of the Caspian Sea above its critical mark is expected near M. Peshnoy settlement. There is a possibility that coastal area will be flooded deep into the land for 5-7 kilometers.

"On the basis of this forecast we ask the inhabitants of the settlements that are located in the zone of possible flooding (Erkinkalinsky, Atyrausky, Kenuzeksky, Dambinsky rural districts of Atyrau city, as well as settlements of Zineden and Zhanbaiv( Issataisky District) to be ready for possible evacuation (you should take with you, first of all, personal identification documents, clothes, food for 1 day).

Acting head of emergency situations depar - K. Kystaubayev".

June 15 2014, 20:35

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