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In Uralsk more than 30 students poisoned with unknown gas

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More than 30 students sought medical help on Tuesday night after poisoning with unknown gas in a hostel in the West Kazakhstan Humanitarina University named  after Makhambet Otemis. Ten students were hospitalized, the press service of the RoK Ministry Of Emergency Situations (MES) reported on Tuesday.

"As a result of poisoning with unknown gaseous substance 31 students asked for medical care, out of them 10 students were hospitalized", - the message of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reads.

MES press service reports that 18 people from staff and four units of equipment of Department of Emergency Situation of the West Kazakhstan arrived to the place of an emergency situation.

"Prior to the arrival of our division arrival, the hostel personnel evacuated  400 people, who after ventilating the rooms returned to their rooms", - the press service reports.

WKT citing IA Novosti-Kazakhstan 

November 6 2012, 10:14

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