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Cause of train derail - crooked tracks

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

The RoK Ministry of transport and communications and Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZh -Kazakh Railways) reported the reason of 13 cars’ derailment of Almaty - Atyrau passenger train that took place on April 19, this year:  railway track distortion due to low-quality welding of rail bar on Sagiz – Makat section.

The reports read that 12 officials of KTZh have been dismissed and 2 - brought to disciplinary responsibility. Investigation of the criminal case initiated as per article 295 of RoK Criminal Code (“Violation of traffic safety rules and operation of railway, air or water transport”) has not been completed yet, and charges haven’t been brought against. Experts haven’t given their conclusions yet – the results of examination are expected only at the end of June.

- The above statement isn't the basis for closing of investigation, - said Bolat Kalykov, the chief transport prosecutor of Atyrau Oblast. - This is only the result of functional audit inspection of KTZh, that has been carried out by department specialists. Now we are waiting for expects’ conclusion. It will be verified against the conclusion made by KTZh and the Ministry. In case the differences are revealed, the prosecutor's office appoints new examination. The final say to this criminal case will be made by  only by law enforcement investigation that is competent to bring charges.

Victims have already approached the insurance partner of KTZh, but compensations haven’t been paid yet. One of the characters of our publication Rosa Kim (see “To save face”) is currently receiving treatment in one of the private clinics in Almaty. According to her, in Atyrau because of inadequate treatment - inflammation process started in soft tissues of a mouth and now the Almaty physicians are treating the consequences.

- We approached the insurers long time, but they waited for the acts of investigation by KTZh. Now that we’ve received it, the insurance company has only started to form the payments. They promised to pay within 15 calendar days, - said over the phone Angelina Kan, the daughter of the victim. - But these money are not enough for restoration of the face and the main operation will be done not earlier than in half a year. KTZh recommended us to apply for financial assistance. The decision will be made by the commission. In case they refuse to assist, we will appeal to court.

June 2 2014, 10:17

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