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“KZ tycoon once arrested over alleged prostitute ring 'favourite to buy Aston Villa”, “Armenia and Kyrgyzstan to join EurAsEC within months”, “New governor of Akmola Oblast appointed”, “Will migrants serve in the Russian army in exchange for passport?"

1 343 просмотрs KZ tycoon once arrested over alleged prostitute ring 'favourite to buy Aston Villa” - An Eastern European businessman once arrested on suspicion of running a prostitution racket on a £35 million yacht is reportedly the favourite to buy Aston Villa, according to a national newspaper. The Independent claimed on Friday morning that Tevfik Arif, originally from Kazakhstan but who now lives in the United States and is a business associate of Donald Trump, was in pole position to buy Villa. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan to join Eurasian Union within months- Armeniaand Kyrgyzstan have vowed to join the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus this year, Tengrinews reported from the Supreme Eurasian Council in Astana.

“New governor of Akmola Oblast appointed” - Sergey Kulagin has been appointed the new Akim (Governor) of Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan. He replaced Kosman Aitmukhametov, who served at this position since January 2013. “Azerbaijan: “We don’t plan to join the Eurasian Economic Union”- The essence of the letter is that if Armenia joins this union, the international legal norms and principles should be followed. “Will migrants serve in the Russian army in exchange for a passport?” - The president of the Migrant Association of Russia suggested opening the Russian army for service by migrants, including those from Central Asia. Participants at a press conference held last week agreed that migrants should be allowed to serve in the Russian army. Experts, however, expressed caution about this idea. Ukraine to Continue Special Op in East Until Situation Stabilized – Official”- Ukrainian forces are planning to continue the Kiev regime’s special operation in the country's southeast until they reach a complete stabilization in the region, Ukraine's interim Defense Minister Mykhailo Koval said Friday. “We will work until this region begins to live normally… and until the people [begin] to live in peace,” Koval said. “Major cities must unite against climate change: Paris mayor”- Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo urged the world's major cities Thursday to unite in the fight against climate change, AFP reported.

May 30 2014, 15:35

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