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Sisi secures crushing win in Egypt presidential vote

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Supporters of Egypt’s former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi are celebrating what looks like a landslide victory in the country’s presidential electionm euronews reports.

With counting almost completed, judicial sources say he has won more than 93 percent of the vote. His only rival got just three percent.

But a low turnout has raised questions about the victorious candidate’s credibility.

For his supporters, the ex-military man offers the best hope for stability.

“What we want from him is not for ourselves, we are old, it’s for our children… We are hoping for good things from him,” said Mohammed Shabaan, one of many celebrating the outcome in the streets.

Last week Sisi himself called for an 80 percent turnout. The actual figure – only 44 percent – was barely half that, and also less than the 52 percent who voted when Mohammed Mursi was elected two years ago.

Even some of the winner’s supporters fear Egypt’s divisions will be far from healed. “What about the half of the electorate who didn’t want Sisi?” asked one.

The country’s main industry federation said the business community welcomed the result.

So have most newspapers, one calling it “a day of hope for all Egyptians”.

May 29 2014, 16:52

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