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Relatives blame financial police for death of district police chief

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By Murat Sultangaliev

On May 27, the relatives of Altynbek Kubaydullin, Issatai district police chief, who was detained by financial police and later found dead at construction site, (see “Death of police chief: criminal investigations launched”) held the second press conference in the open air.

Kalybai Karazhanov, the father:

- Forty days passed since the day when my son was found dead after his illegal detention by financial police employees. It was revealed that no order was issued by the financial police department head about forming a task force. It appears that they simply kidnapped my Altynbek.

In prosecutor's office they tell us that criminal case has been initiated against financial police employees and also add that they don’t know who they should hold criminally liable. Although in Internet there are videos about Altynbek's detention and faces of five officers who detained him are visible. And in prosecutor's office they don't know who to bring to trial to? After detention Altynbek was illegally kept for 16 hours inside the department.  

Altynbek called his wife from financial police office and asked her to prepare 100 000 dollars. On the same day my daughter-in-law mortgaged my sister’s apartment and cafe located in Inder. Relevant documents as evidences were submitted to regional prosecutor's office. After that I repeatedly wrote to the Prosecutor General's Office and every time I received answers that my statement was sent to regional prosecutor's office. Why do we need Prosecutor General's Office, if it doesn’t deal with appeals from people?

Makhsut Toulenbaev, Kubaidullin family’s lawyer:

- Regional prosecutor's office initiated a criminal case based on my statement, according to RoK Criminal Code article 346 (“Predetermined illegal detention”). Besides in the regional prosecutor's office there is a criminal case initiated by financial police against Kubaydullin as per article 311, part 2 of RoK Criminal Code (“Receiving bribe by public official”) and criminal case initiated by Internal Affairs Department as per article 102 (“Incitement to suicide”).

I sent the statement to regional prosecutor's office asking to reclassify article 346, part 1 to article 346, part 3 (“Predetermined illegal detention that led to grave consequences”), but I received a disguised refusal. I am also the lawyer of Kubaidullin’s spouse and was present during her interrogation at the regional prosecutor's office. There she informed that Altynbek called her, when he was at the financial police office, and asked her to collect 100 000 dollars. On the same night she rushed to her relatives to collect money. I don’t have a right to give assessment to these words.

Akzhibek Sabirgalieva, Kubaidullin’s widow:

- It’s been over a month since my husband passed away, but the regional prosecutor's office doesn't take any actions to punish the guilty - neither the heads of financial police department, nor the members of task force who detained him are punished. They say that they don't know whom to make responsible. This is ridiculous … I consider that my husband was killed. Altynbek would never commit suicide, under any situation.

Financial police department with reference to this press conference sent the following comment to AkZhaik newspaper: “Based on the results of investigative measures, the facts of illegal activity of internal affairs department employees of Issatai District related to ‘sheltering’ of illegal fishing of forbidden species were confirmed. In this regard there are no bases for subsequent termination of criminal prosecution of the district police staff.

Information about the alleged money demand by financial police staff for the termination of criminal prosecution isn't true. Currently the criminal case imitated against the staff of Issatai District Police Department is investigated by the administration of special prosecutors of the regional prosecutor's office”.


It only remains to add that now it is rather easy to determine the subscribers and clarify the content of any telephone conversations and SMS messages, and law enforcement agencies, sure, will use it in their work. Could modern technologies cast light to mysterious escape of district police chief from hospital and his even more mysterious parting with life?

May 28 2014, 12:14

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